Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Centenarian: Pompey King

One of the toppled markers in the Old Graveyard section of Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware, Ohio proclaims that Pompey King (d. 1844) was 100 years old at his death.

Apr. 8. 1844
100 years

Before both were toppled over, Pompey’s marker stood next to the marker for Sarah King (d. 1837). Husband and wife, perhaps?

Memory of
Sarah M. King.
died Feb. 13,
in the 82 year of
her age.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio

Notes. A quick ancestry.com search revealed that Pompey King is listed in Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots. I also found another blogger who found evidence (not cited) that he was a former slave.

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  1. One hundred years in 1844. He was really lucky to live that long. Great photographs!


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