Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let there be (more) light

Sometimes you cannot simply pull a tree branch out of the way to illuminate a gravestone that is difficult to read. Many times a mirror can throw some light on a gravestone, creating shadows in the carved letters.

Do I carry a mirror in my cemetery kit? Nope. But I do carry a roll of aluminum foil.

See how nicely a bit of foil can be used to reflect light onto a gravestone?

This gravestone was not impossible to read without the light enhancement, but I wanted to see every mark on it: It is the gravestone of my 4g grandfather.


  1. Thanks for that great photo showing HOW to do this. I hear about it here and there, but, the photo is worth a 1000 words of explanation.

  2. That is very clever - may have to add that to my kit!


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