Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. Eaton and his consort

In memory of
Consort of
who departed this
life Dec. 26, 1838
Æ. 72 years & 16 days.

Although I have read that on gravestones of this period “consort” refers to a wife who died before her husband, leaving him a widower, Joseph Eaton’s nearby marker reveals that he died in 1825. I have found similar examples in this county. Are we backwards in Ohio?

Joseph Eaton was a Revolutionary War veteran who “emigrated from the State of pennsylvania.” His gravestone names four generations of Eatons before him, but the last line cannot quite be read. Looks like his 2g grandfather emigrated from ________ in 16__. 1686, perhaps? 

Here rests the remains of
who departed this life
Feb. 8, AD 1825.
Aged 59 years.
He emigrated from the State
of pennsylvania, AD 1805.
he was the son of
David, Eaton;
which was the son of
John, Eaton;
which was the son of
Joseph, Eaton;
which was the son of
John, Eaton;
who emigrated from

Cheshire Cemetery, Townhouse Section, Delaware County, Ohio


  1. Really interesting about the "consort"! But now I'm dying of curiosity where John Eaton emigrated from!!

  2. I feel challenged by that one last line that I can't read. I'm gonna do some research and see if I can't figure out this mystery!


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