Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maybe yes, maybe no: Part 2

If Arnold Aldrich (b. 1796, d. 1854) is my 3g grandfather, then his wife, Anna Marie, is my 3g grandmother. Today, the first time my daughter has come cemetery hopping with me, we found her grave, shaded by a large walnut tree, at the back of tiny Winsor Cemetery in rural Delaware County, Ohio.

The marker was next to impossible to read. (The photo is impossible to read. But that probably says more about my photography skills than the condition of the marker.) 

We sat in the shade of the walnut tree studying her marker long enough to feel confident that we read it correctly. A bit of aluminum foil and a soft paint brush confirmed our reading.

Wife of
Arnold Aldrich
July 4, 1856
In the 54th year
of her age

I cannot say whether my daughter shares my feelings, but even if research fails to show that Arnold and Anna Marie are my 3g grandparents, they are for now.

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