Monday, June 4, 2012

An acorn in Mound Hill Union Cemetery

The grave marker for Lucy Ann Marsh (d. 1854) is striking with its bold carving of an acorn with oak leaves.

Daughter of
John & Margaret
July 13, 1854
10 Y. 3 M. 20 D.

The 1850 Federal Census in the town of Eaton, Ohio shows Lucy Ann, then six years old, living in her father’s household. But where is her mother, who is identified as “Margaret” on Lucy’s gravestone?

The answer is found in The History of Delaware County, Indiana (Chicago, 1881) by Thomas B. Helm, which includes a short biography of John Marsh:

On the 25th of May 1835, he married Miss Margaret Mitchell, who died, of cholera at Eaton, Ohio, in 1849, leaving four children—Henry C., Mary J., Lucy and Phoebe. Lucy died at Eaton, Ohio, and Phoebe at Muncie, Ind. April 13, 1850, Mr. Marsh was married, at Eaton, Ohio, to Miss Mary A. Simpson, who died in April 1854.

According to, Margaret is buried at Mound Hill Union Cemetery also.

Mound Hill Union Cemetery, Preble County, Ohio

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