Ancestor Approved

Thank you to Missy at Fables and Endless Genealogies for sending me the Ancestor Approved reward. The award, created in 2010 by Leslie Ann at Ancestor’s Live Here, requires that I list ten things I have learned about any of my ancestors that has “surprised, humbled, or enlightened me.” Here goes:

One of my n-great grandfathers and his young family were among the earliest settlers in the Ohio county in which my family currently lives. (Not, it should be noted, the area of Ohio in which my family had lived for several generations.)

The same ancestor once broke down his wagon to build a coffin for a neighbor because the nearest sawmill was many miles away. (He later built the first sawmill in the county.) 

One of my ancestors found himself in hot water for allegedly helping his son to escape from jail.

Several of my ancestors were passengers on the Mayflower. (Okay, I know there are millions of Mayflower descendants, but this knowledge is special to me anyhow.) 

One of my ancestors built a house (still standing in Plymouth today) from the timbers from the Pilgrim’s original fort, or so the story goes.

One of my great grandmothers was treated by a somewhat famous quack before her early death from cancer.

Too many of my ancestors mourned the loss of children.

None of my ancestors celebrities, but two are buried near one: character actress Nancy Kulp.

One of my ancestors served in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps during World War I.

One of my ancestors was a poet and a feminist—in the 1700s. Benjamin Franklin was a personal friend.
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    Many thanks to
    Missy at Fables and Endless Genealogies for honoring me with the Ancestor Approved award.

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